Wow, how things have changed….

Welcome to my blog!!  What’s LOTP, you ask? Leader of the Pack, which is the name of my school for dog agility!

And yes, I was the one who said I’d never blog… but I have also said such things as:

* I will never own a terrier

* I will never live outside of the city (“the city” is New York City, of course!)

* I will never join a gym

* I will never go jogging

* I will never own a mini-van

* I will never own one of those “smart phones”

* I will never train running contacts

* I will never….

Well, you get the idea. I own a terrier (ok, 3 terriers), I live in the middle of rural upstate New York, I love my gym, I not only jog but I also run in 5K races, I obsess on running contacts, and I can often be found craddling my Blackberry as if it was a beloved small child.  I do pretty much detest my mini-van, but it gets the job done!

So now I am a blogger! And I have to laugh at myself at how much has changed in life thanks to this agility journey… and I’m excited about what is coming in 2011, 2012 and beyond! There is a whole lot on the list of what’s coming up… traveling throughout North America to teach and compete (as well as on my home turf here in Central New York), coaching at 2 World Championship events in May, competing with Export (and hopefully Matrix!) at the European Open in July, 2 major online projects coming up (wahoooo!!), and <shhhhh…> a new puppy too!

Exciting stuff to be sure, but I am also excited to blog about the less-than-global aspects of agility life, such as choosing agility sites based on footing and best access to Indian food and adult beverages. Also, I hope to share some of the insane things I am doing to get faster in this crazy sport – currently training with a former semi-pro football player (American Football, that is, not soccer) on footwork and speed and “explosive strength” as he calls it. He taught me a terrifically useful drill today for speed through front crosses – I kinda stunk at it, but I promised to obsess on it and come back to the next session looking like a pro. Of course, I will share it with you all after I get over the pain from the workout. Eek!!


And of course, there’s balance in life – not the type of balance where your dog is perched atop an inflatable peanut – but the balance with things outside the easily all-consuming game of agility. Family, friends, hobbies… its not *just* about making doggies run faster and turn tighter, but it sure isn’t easy to keep it all in balance!

Thanks for reading this far! I’d love to hear your “I will never…”  statements that are now reversed thanks to this fun game that we all share!






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  1. I will never (ever, ever, ever) use a clicker. (Now I won’t leave home without it.)
    I will never be able to run a mile. (Now I can run 3 and I’m JUST STARTING!)
    I will never get a minivan. (I LOVE mine because it fits two borzoi, one terv and a husband with room to spare.)
    I will never feed raw. (OK Shhh on this one, my vet friends would all have kittens…)
    I will never let my dogs have bones, antlers and other dangerous chewables. (Now they’re the cornerstone of my sanity living with active, athletic, smart dogs.)
    I will never let my dog get fat. (Yup. I’m still good on that one. With the caveat that I had no idea my dog used to be fat. OK. Not fat, just not agility-thin. NOW look at him – wow has his energy and drive improved!!)

    • Amy – IFCS with Canada then immediately after WAO with the USA. And nope, if all goes as planned, the new puppy is not another terrier but is certainly the right personality of dog for me 🙂

  2. I was especially entertained by the “choosing agility sites based on footing and best access to Indian food and adult beverages” line! Congrats Tracy!

  3. New puppy…hehehe…so exciting:) Can’t wait! Okay…my “never”. I will never own a Border Collie! Now I have 2. Crazy how that works:) Oh and I will never own more than 2 dogs. Up to 6 right now.
    Love the new blog. Have always enjoyed your writing!

  4. I will never again live in an old house (I now live in an old/renovated house that has a wonderful agility arena!).
    I will never drive a mini-van. (So painful to admit that as of 2 weeks ago, I have drunk the kool-aid and drive one of those d*mn things).
    I’m sure there are more, but that’s all I can think of for now! Welcome to the world of blogging….can’t wait to read more!

  5. “I will never be a runner” . . . and then I worked at the Running Room and did a 1/2 marathon!

    Looking forward to following the blog, Tracy — and to getting your tips on sites with good running surfaces (and Indian food).

  6. Thrilled that you are blogging – looking forward to the fun! All you do is with joy and humor, so I expect the blog will be no different!

    Hmmm – a new puppy – how cool is that?

    My never? I always said I would never own a treadmill, and now not only do I own one, I use it. One day at a time … Amazing what we will do to be better teammates for our dogs!

  7. Whoo Cool Blog…

    I will never marry an American ( 23 years and counting )
    I will never live in north Dakota ( 13 years and counting )
    I will never own my my own business ( 5 years and counting )
    I will never be able to run ( can do 12 miles per hr sprints )
    I will never quit chocolate ( completely diary and gluten free )
    I will never say never ………….!!!!!!

    keep writing , running , and laughing

  8. My “I will never…”
    I will never be a runner, now I am thinking about doing a 5K soon. (You and Teri were my inspiration to start the C25K training.)
    Looking forward to reading your new blog ~ an any and all subjects that catch your fancy! 🙂

  9. Hey Tracy! Great blog! Okay….here’s my only “I will never”-s that I can remember…..
    I will never leave NYC ! – Moving upstate was exactly the right thing to do in late ’07 and I’ve “never!” regretted it!

  10. access to Indian food = one of the most important aspects of life

    Speaking of which, when are you around for some Amravathi?

    I remember saying “I will never own more than 1 dog at a time.” Then, it became “I will never own more than 2 dogs at a time.” Then, I got a third dog. “I will never own more than 3 dogs at a time” still stands firm. For now.

    Oh, and that third dog also negated “I will never own a small dog.”

  11. My I would never……
    go out to a restaurant without all my makeup on, my hair just so in my high heel shoes and dressed to the 9’s!
    Now, due to the wonderful sport of agility, most of my restaurant adventures are immediately after a trial where dirty pawprints are my flashiest accessories!

  12. My mother taught me years ago to never say never. Whenever I would say “I will never…” she would quickly interject and say, “Never say Never. Because when you do, you will.” Love my mom!

  13. My “I will never….” get a small dog ….. and Ziva came into my life !!! Ziva is my 9 months old miniature pinscher, for those who doesn’t know me – and she is amaizing !!!! I have so much fun with her !!!

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